Hospital Birth Center

When I met Jules and Sam for our first in-person consultation, I immediately fell in love! They were really sweet, genuinely fun-loving and so hilarious! Jules was already near her due date so we kept in close contact from this point on. At a week past her due date, we decided to meet at a beautiful place east of Seattle called Rattlesnake Lake for a maternity shoot. The combination of the lake, the lighting and the mountain in the background made it a wonderful location. We had a great time and they had me laughing the whole time with their fun energy and humorous comments!
Less than a week later, I got a text from Jules letting me know they were going to begin induction and that she would keep me posted as things progressed. I sat on pins and needles for half of the day until she messaged me that she was in active labor. It was go time! I arrived at the hospital around 5:30pm and made my way to the birth center where I met the expectant parents. Jules’ mother was also there to give support and was super excited to meet her new grandbaby! Sam had strung some lights around the birth room to add some character and mood to the room. He was an amazing birth partner staying by her side the entire time, lending his verbal support and by applying counter pressure on her hips to help Jules through the contractions. After a few hours, the contractions became stronger and more intense, but Jules handled them with such grace. She seemed very in tune with her body and found her zone which included changing positions often with a lot of rocking and swaying.
Around 11 pm, she started to feel pressure so we knew it was time to push! The nurses rushed into the room and to get ready. You could feel the energy and excitement in the air. Finally, everything was ready and unexpectedly, the midwife looked right at Sam and said, “Do you want to catch your baby?” Sam leaped towards the opportunity! With Dad ready to catch and a few more pushes, baby Tesla was born right in into her father’s hands. Sam moved baby Tesla into Jules’s hands and she cradled her to her chest. What a beautiful way to bring a baby into this world!


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